Cher On ‘Closer to the Truth': ‘I Took Some Chances on This Album’

After Cher premiered her new single « Woman’s World » on « The Voice » Tuesday, she took some time to discuss the evolution of the music on her album « Closer to the Truth, » which Warner Bros. will release on Sept. 24.

« Woman’s World, » which Paul Oakenfold produced and co-wrote, was the album’s starting point.

« Then Pink gave me a beautiful song, » Cher told Billboard. « Then Mark (Taylor), the man who produced the ‘Believe’ album, came up with four great songs. There was a beautiful country song and a song a friend of mine and I wrote for ‘Interview with a Vampire’ that got turned down.

« It’s very eclectic, you know. The songs are good songs that just happen to be together. »

« Closer to the Truth » will be her first album since 2002’s « Living Proof, » which hit No. 9 on the Billboard 200.

« I did a couple things on this album, ventured into places that I haven’t gone and I really enjoyed that, » she said between posing for photos with Blake Shelton and Carson Daly. « I took some chances on this album and when it turned out to be good, I was pleased. »

While NBC touted Cher’s « Voice » performance as her first in more than a decade, the singer recalled appearing with Tina Turner five years ago. It was on « Oprah. »

« Scary » was the word she used to describe her return to performing on TV. « It’s very exciting, makes you feel elated. I like being on it, but I don’t like going on it. »

And despite having done multiple legs of her « Farewell Tour, » Cher winced a little and hemmed and hawed before admitting that might not have been the true farewell. « We’re talking about it, » she said of a potential tour.